Student Travel Awards

ACM SIGWEB is kindly offering to fund a limited number of Student Travel Awards. These awards are intended for student authors who have papers accepted, who attend the conference and who personally present their research. SIGWEB Student Travel Awards typically range in value from $500 to $1000 but can be higher depending on the relationship between the number of applicants and the awards budget.

Student awards are intended to cover a portion only of the student’s overall expenses. The sizes of the awards will depend on the number of qualified applicants, and the amount of individual awards may vary depending on the distance traveled and the kind and ranking of the papers.

Student Support Program

This program is intended to help students present at HT. Preference in financial support is given to students who are first authors, will present the paper at the conference and whose advisors do not have a current research grant.

The amount of this support given is based on the funds available, the student’s expected travel expenses minus other sources of support, and the number of applicants. This is typically larger for authors of full papers and Doctoral Consortium presenters. All students receiving support may be requested to help with a small organisational task during the conference.

How to apply:

Access the following form and have the following information prepared (DEADLINE: July 14th @ 12:00 noon GMT):

  • a short statement (1-2 paragraphs) explaining your interest in participating in HT’23
  • title of accepted papers in the conference
  • type of attendance (online vs in-person)
  • estimated travel cost (if needed)
  • a self-declaration that you are a valid student and that your supervisor has reviewed your budget and thinks it is reasonable
  • contacts details of your supervisor who acts as a referent and who can be contacted for confirmation

Discount codes will be sent upon approval to be applied in the registration process.