Dr Anastasia Salter on the Role of Digital Humanities at Hypertext

Our next guest on the Hypertext blog is Dr Anastasia Salter, Associate Professor of English at the University of Central Florida and Vice President of the Electronic Literature Organisation. Dr Salter was the host of the Hypertext 2020 conference which was the first Hypertext to move wholly online. Dr Salter suggests that Hypertext is uniquely positioned to for academics to explore interdisciplinary scholarship engaged with the web at a platform level. Dr Salter notes that although some of the DH scholars there are some unusual aspects to Hypertext, such as 

“publishing in a proceedings format” and not in an “abstract only mode,” but what is really valuable about the Hypertext experience “especially for newcomers is that your conference papers reach a wider audience and live on in a citable format as part of that wider conversation about the web as a space that is of course central to everything we do in the digital humanities.”