Practitioner tracks

The Practitioner tracks, specifically tailored for professionals and scholars, are ideal for demonstrating the real-world impact of hypertext systems, emphasizing how these applications not only solve problems but also engage users in meaningful reflection about the challenges and possibilities within their respective fields. It emphasizes not just the practical applications of hypertext and creative intelligence but also the reflective dimension inherent in these applications. The track is about showcasing innovative projects that provoke thoughts and encourage a deeper understanding of the problems they aim to address.

These formats invite the audience to engage with the underlying concepts, to question, and to consider the broader implications of the technology. 

Topics for the track could include:

  • Implementing Hypertext in Business Solutions: Demonstrations of how hypertext technologies have been effectively integrated into business processes, customer engagement strategies, or marketing campaigns.
  • Creative Tools and Platforms: Showcasing new tools or platforms that leverage hypertext for creative pursuits, such as digital storytelling, interactive art installations, or multimedia content creation.
  • Hypermedia in Education and Training: Presentations on innovative uses of hypertext in educational settings, including e-learning platforms, interactive courseware, and the use of hypertext in classroom teaching.
  • Community Building and Engagement: Exploration of hypertext applications in community building, focusing on how they facilitate communication, collaboration, and engagement in various communities, from online forums to professional networks.
  • User Experience and Accessibility in Hypermedia: Studies or demonstrations on the design and implementation of user-friendly and accessible hypermedia systems, focusing on usability and inclusive design.
  • Interactive Media for Cultural Heritage: Showcasing how hypertext is used in preserving and presenting cultural heritage, including virtual museums, digital archives, and interactive exhibitions.

Submissions to the Practitioner Track will be reviewed on a single-blind basis, focusing on their relevance to the conference theme and practical implications. Accepted submissions will be included in the conference proceedings in their original format and will be presented in a format negotiated with the track chairs, with the conference providing necessary support for on-site presentations. This track is tailored to highlight innovative and practical uses of hypertext in various professional and creative domains.

Submit the proposal via EasyChair.

Interactive narratives

Track chairs: Joey Jones (Southampton University,  Prof David Millard (Southampton University)

This track welcomes the presentation of creative works, like e-literature and games, for exhibition at the conference. We invite creators to submit works on the theme of ‘Creative Intelligence’. Submission may present original works or a collection of works in a coherent curated collection.

Applications, Resources and Tools

Track chair Dr Angelo Salatino (Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University),  Davide Picca (University of Lausanne)

This track invites the presentation of novel applications, resources and tools that streamline, simplify, or enhance the community’s activities and help advance hypertext systems. Submissions can present new solutions or innovative use cases of authoring and personal information management systems, as well as novel software tools/services, datasets, benchmarks, AI models, APIs, software frameworks, and workflows.