Postgrads & ECRs: Reasons to Attend ACM Hypertext in Rome

This last blog from the engagement chairs before the submission deadline of March 31 is focused on the postgrad and early career researcher experience at ACM Hypertext.

Fedor Vitiugin is an ECR from Universitat Pompeu, Fabra Barcelona, and he discusses the benefits of attending and the welcome he received from the Hypertext community. Alongside presenting his research at the conference and receiving feedback from key academics within the field, Fedor recognised that:

A strong point of this [Hypertext] conference is that you can find people, you can discuss with them, and you can make some kind of collaborations happen.

We also have heard from Sofia Kitromili, a User Researcher at Health Education England, and Hypertext Coordinator for the ACM SigWeb column of the Newsletter. Sofia reflects upon her experiences at ACM Hypertext held in Hof, which was welcoming, excellently organised and fun (and Rome will be too)! Sofia continues that it was also

Surreal as there were so many people there that were basically legends in the Hypertext community.

Sofia adds

If you have been holding back from engaging with the Hypertext community or writing something before the conference – don’t! […] it is the best conference I have ever done in my life!

We hope to see Fedor and Sofia in Rome this year!