Shared conference day with UMAP 2016, the 24th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization.

All day sessions take place in the CHEB Building (Collaborative Health Education Building, Summer St, Halifax - see Campus Map).

9:00 - 10:00 Hypertext Paper Session

Recommendation Techniques

Room C170 - Chaired by Vincent Wade

Assessing Review Recommendation Techniques under a Ranking Perspective (full paper)
Luciana Maroun, Mirella Moro, Jussara Almeida and Ana Paula Couto Da Silva

Cross-System Recommendation: User-modelling via Social Media versus Self-Declared Preferences (short paper)
Sultan Alanazi, James Goulding and Derek McAuley

A Fuzzy-Based Personalized Recommender System for Local Business (short paper)
Chun-Hua Tsai

10:30 - 12:00 Shared Keynote

Room C170 - Chaired by Jessica Rubart

Keynote speaker: Hossein Derakhshan - Killing the Hyperlink, Killing the Web: the Shift from Library-Internet to Television-Internet

Closing of Hypertext 2016 and Opening of UMAP 2016

12:00 - 13:15 Lunch

Lunch is served in the lobby.

There will be a SIGWEB meeting in C150. All conference participants are invited to join.

13:15 - 15:00 UMAP Paper Session

Room C170 - Chaired by Geert-Jan Houben

Analyzing and Predicting Task Reminders (full paper)
David Graus, Paul Benett, Ryen White, Eric Horvitz

Identifying Grey Sheep Users in Collaborative Filtering: a Distribution-Based Technique (full paper)
Benjamin Gras, Armelle Brun, Anne Boyer

On the Value of Reminders within E-Commerce Recommendations (full paper)
Lukas Lerche, Dietmar Jannach, Malte Ludewig

Reinforcement Learning: the Sooner the Better or the Later the Better? (full paper)
Shitian Shen and Min Chi

Automatic Teacher Modeling from Live Classroom Audio (full paper)
Patrick Donnelly, Nathaniel Blanchard, Borhan Samei and Andrew Olney, Xiaoyi Sun,  Brooke Ward, Sean Kelly and Sidney D'Mello

Predicting Individual Differences for Learner Modeling in Intelligent Tutors from Previous Learner Activities (full paper)
Michael Eagle, Albert Corbett, John Stamper and Bruce Mclaren and Ryan Baker

Gender Differences in Facial Expressions of Affect During Learning (short paper)
Alexandria Vail, Joseph Grafsgaard, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer,  Eric Wiebe and James Lester

15:30 - 17:00 Shared Doctoral Consortium

Three parallel sessions

Hypertext-UMAP DC Session 1

Room C170 - Chaired by Maria Bielikova

Detecting Student Engagement: Human Versus Machine (UMAP)
Nigel Bosch

Real-Time Recommendations in a Multi-Domain Environment (Hypertext)
Emanuel Lacic

Adaptive Exercise Selection for an Intelligent Tutoring System (UMAP)
Juliet Okpo

Open Social Learner Models for Self-Regulated Learning and Learning Motivation (UMAP)
Julio Guerra and Peter Brusilovsky

Deeper Knowledge Tracing by Modeling Skill Application Context for Better Personalized Learning (UMAP)
Yun Huang and Peter Brusilovsky

Hypertext-UMAP DC Session 2

Room C150 - Chaired by Panagiotis Germanakos

Enhancing Personalized Document Ranking using Social Information (UMAP)
Nawal Ould Amer

Designing Culture-based Persuasive Technology to Promote Physical Activity among University Students (UMAP)
Kiemute Oyibo and Julita Vassileva

An assessment towards adoption and diffusion of smart wearable technologies by consumers: the cases of smart watch and fitness wristband products (Hypertext)
Milad Dehghani

Intelligent Nudging to Support Interactive Exploration of a Data Graph (Hypertext)
Marwan Al-Tawil

Hypertext-UMAP DC Session 3

Room C140 - Chaired by Denis Parra

Active Tweet Recommendation Based on User Interest Profiles (Hypertext)
Raheleh Makki Niri
Twitter Analysis to Predict the Satisfaction of Telecom Company Customers (Hypertext)
Latifah Almuqren and Alexandra Cristea

Towards Comprehensive User Modelling on the Social Web for Personalized Recommendations (UMAP)
Guangyuan Piao and John G. Breslin

Picture based approach to Group recommender systems in eTourism domain (UMAP)
Amra Delic

The New Challenges when Modeling Context through Diversity over Time in Recommender Systems (UMAP)
Amaury L'Huillier, Sylvain Castagnos and Anne Boyer

Evening Programme

artbarAll participants are invited to a PowerPoint Karaoke event at NSCAD University's Art Bar and Café Voltaire on the Granville Street pedestrian arcade at 1891 Granville Street (Halifax). This event is open to the public and starts at 20:00.

granville street

27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media

10-13 July 2016 - Halifax, Canada

Collocated with UMAP 2016




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