Call for Historic Hypertext Systems

In the context of this year’s anniversary conference, we would like to demonstrate historic hypertext systems at HT’19. These systems help discussing our common roots and providing a shared understanding between the different research directions and communities.

For demonstrating historic hypertext systems, we need your help!

If you have a historic hypertext system available, please consider demonstrating it (or allow us to demonstrate it) at the conference. For this, please send the following information to the general chairs (Claus Atzenbeck or Jessica Rubart):

  • Information about your system (System’s name? From which programmer or company? Running on which OS? etc.)
  • Possibly a link for us to download your system (preferably ready installed on a VM)
  • Your approval to demonstrate the system at ACM Hypertext 2019
  • Information about anything that would be needed to demonstrate the system at the conference (e.g., hardware or software)

We’re looking forward to receiving information about your vintage systems to be demonstrated at the conference.