Getting to Hof

Airport Frankfurt + 3h train ride
Airport Munich + 3h train ride
Airport Nuremberg + 2h train ride
Airport Leipzig + 2h train ride

Conference Site

The conference will be held on the campus of Hof University, in the rooms of the iisys building (Institute of Information Systems). Click the provided link to download a campus overview map.

The building is marked with a capital G. Bus lines 6 and 7 serve the campus, where the university marks the start/end. See:

The bus stop “Hochschule” is served every 15 minutes, distributed equally on lines 6 and 7 (every 30 minutes each). There are some apps and websites available to help finding your way.

  • Official apps and website provided by the state of Bavaria: Bavaria’s travel planner
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  • A local research Project, called MobiDig, investigates possibilities to improve various aspects of mobility. They provide smartphone apps especially for the region of Hof. The apps do support German only, though they are easy to use.
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The City of Hof

“Hof – top of Bavaria” is what people from Hof like to say about their hometown. With 45,000 inhabitants Hof is a friendly smaller district town, its topographic elevation beeing between 470–600 m.
Lots of romantic Biedermeier facades give a charming face to a lots of houses: Today these historic settings are venues for exciting sporting and cultural events or for a relaxing day of shopping as well as delightful hours with delicacies that are typical for Hof.

This town is well known for the Hof International Film Festival, the Hof Theater and the Hof Symphony Orchestra. However, the Theresienstein, a romantic and dreamy park and one of the most beautiful ones in Germany, has also established an international reputation.
From here, it’s only a few steps to the vivid town center with its many shops and department stores. It is situated on a hill near the Saale, the river in Hof, and attracts visitors as well as locals to shop and enjoy: Hof is well known for producing the best kinds of sausages, which you can bring, together with freshly baked bread, as provisions on a trip.

In the pleasant town center are our very own “Wärschtlamo”, they are special sausage vendors that you can only find here. You can recognize them by their brass kettle and their sharp and helpful way. A visit to a Wärschtlamo is a must with every stopover in the town.
In the south of the town lies the magnificently blue lake “Untreusee”, a piece of heaven for all nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.
A huge center of attraction, besides the climbing center and the Labyrinth, is the beer garden directly at the bank.

Hof at a glance. Take a moment to see the best-known sights of Hof, like the “Freiheitshalle” (a event location), “Untreusee” (a lake), theater, the old town centre and our university.

About iisys and Hof University

The Institute of Information Systems (iisys) is the central research institution for information technology at Hof University. The institute’s research activities are focused on integrated information systems for business processes. In 2013, the building of iisys was finished and since that time six groups are doing their research studies on

  • Analytical Information Systems
    Analysis and further development of processes for the automatic textual information analysis (text mining) with special focus on the extraction of opinions (opinion mining).
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
    Research on the integration of the production lines’ embedded systems with the company-wide IT-system and evaluation of the transmitted and collected data.
  • Multimedia Information Systems
    Support of structured and unstructured data in information systems as well as search and linkage of such data with focus on the administration of relational, textual and geographic data.
  • System Integration
    Technical linkage of information systems by using service-oriented architectures and relating the contents to semantic technologies.
  • Visual Analytics
    Research issues in the scope of intelligent user interfaces, particularly interaction and communication between human and computer using various hypertext paradigms.