Student Travel Awards

ACM SIGWEB is kindly offering funding for Student Travel Awards. These awards are intended for student authors who have papers accepted in any of the conference tracks as well as participants of the Doctoral Consortium and who attend the conference and personally present their research. SIGWEB Student Travel Awards typically range in value from $250 to $750, but can be higher depending on the relationship between the number of applicants and the awards budget.

Student awards are intended to cover a portion only of the student’s overall expenses. The sizes of the awards in general will depend on the number of qualified applicants, and the amount of individual awards may vary depending on the distance traveled and the kind and ranking of the papers.

Students may submit applications prior to learning whether or not their papers have been accepted. However, travel awards will only be given to students who have an accepted paper and who will be presenting that work themselves, or who present their PhD project at the Doctoral Consortium.

Applications for these awards should be submitted as soon as possible. To apply for a SIGWEB Student Travel Award, the student should submit the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A resume
  • A letter of support from the student’s research advisor


  • Ethan Munson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA (SIGWEB Liaison)

Important Dates:

  • Application deadline: 8 July 2019 AOE
  • Notification date: 19 July 2019 AOE

You should apply by email and include the information detailed in the Student Award Application. Applications must be submitted by the stated time. Late applications will not be considered.