The Organization Committee

General Chairs:

Program Chair:

  • David Millard, University of Southampton, UK (@hoosfoos)

Local Arrangements Chair:

Publicity Chairs:

Web Chair:

  • Daniel Roßner, Hof University, Germany (@dnlrssnr)

Proceedings Chair:

  • Yeliz Yesilada, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus (@yesilady)

Track Chairs:

  • Manolis Tzagarakis, University of Patras, Greece (@tzagara)
  • Beat Signer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (@beatsigner)
  • Luigi Di Caro, University of Turin, Italy
  • Jill Walker Rettberg, University of Bergen, Norway (@jilltxt)
  • Peter Nürnberg, USA
  • Ujwal Gadiraju, L3S Research Center, Germany (@UjLaw)
  • Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems, Inc., USA (@eastgate)
  • Ethan Munson, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA
  • Mark Anderson, University of Southampton, UK (@mwra)
  • Giuseppe Abrami, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Sustainability Notes

At iisys, we are not only concerned with sustainability when it comes to the solar system on the roof. When we talk about the future of digital society, it is always about how we deal with our planet and its resources. As event organizers, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that our events are also geared towards sustainability.


Seasonal products, cooperation with regional partners and vegetarian food: these are our basic principles for our event catering services.

The butcher’s shops “Herpich” and “Max” are organic certified and additionally offer a wide range of vegetarian products. Occasionally we also offer “front cooking”, so that the food is prepared directly in front of the guests. Alternatively, there is an option to rent a food truck outside the building.

During daytime events we also offer a variety of balanced snacks during the breaks. These snacks provide important nutrients and ensure greater performance and concentration.

Enjoy fresh and healthy variety – this is a valuable topic for us, so we attach importance to seasonal fruit and vegetables.

By the way, if there are any leftovers at events, they are distributed to the employees on the following day. They can also be taken to our Refrigerator at the university, from which anyone interested can take whatever they like – free of charge, of course!


The topic “To-go Coffee Cups” hasn’t kept us busy. Since the first year of the iisys, we have been using local plates for our events; after all, the region is internationally known as the porcelain region.

We recently purchased water decanters and now also use tap water. Fresh drinking tap water can be drunk in Germany without hesitation! The tap drinking water in Germany is quite high and this habit can also eliminate production and transport costs.

At iisys we only have a few larger plants in the foyer area, that we have been cultivating for many years. For table decorations we only use silk flowers. Fresh flowers are only occasionally used by our caterers.

At the Hof University of Applied Sciences, waste is collected separately for paper, glass, packaging and residual waste. This also applies to iisys and our events.