Welcome to #acmht21

A hybrid event

Hosted by the ADAPT Centre,
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
& online

29 August – 1 September 2021

The ACM Hypertext and Social Media Conference is a premium venue for high quality peer-reviewed research on hypertext theory, systems and applications. It is concerned with all aspects of modern hypertext research including social media, semantic web, dynamic and computed hypertext and hypermedia as well as narrative systems and applications.

The theme of ACHHT21 is:
“Hypertext in a Multimodal World”

The hypertext paradigm has transformed the way we store and transfer knowledge and how we think about information and access it. We access the same sources via multiple devices, ranging from smart watches and smart phones to laptops. Information and transactions become ever more visual, with video increasingly replacing traditional text-based web pages. Particularly, we use interactive hypertext, news feeds and videos for getting things done: planning a trip, managing our finances, interacting with colleagues, friends and family, being productive and creative.

The Main Tracks for ACMHT21’s CFP are:

  1. Adaptive Web and Recommender Systems
  2. Social Web
  3. Semantic Web and NLP
  4. Human-information Interaction, Search and Retrieval
  5. Digital Humanities, Games, and Culture