Accepted Blue Sky Ideas Papers

Robust metadata in multiple environments

Frode Hegland

From Users to (Sense)Makers]{From Users to (Sense)Makers: On the Pivotal Role of Stigmergic Social Annotation in the Quest for Collective Sensemaking

Ronen Tamari, Daniel Friedman, William Fischer, Lauren Hebert and Dafna Shahaf

Emotional Closeness by Means of Intelligent Thoughts and Memory Spaces

Claus Atzenbeck, Mark Bernstein and Sarah Diefenbach

The Web At War: Hypertext, Social Media, and Totalitarianism

Mark Bernstein

Personalized Interventions for Online Moderation

Stefano Cresci, Amaury Trujillo and Tiziano Fagni

More Comfortable With Chaos: Using Hypertext to Shatter Echo Chambers and Promote Creativity

Dana Mckay, Stephann Makri and George Buchanan

Weaponising Social Media for Information Divide and Warfare

Ehsan Ul Haq, Gareth Tyson, Tristan Braud and Pan Hui

Hyperownership: Beyond the Current State of Interaction with Digital Property

Amaury Trujillo