Accepted papers

ADAGIO – Automated Data Augmentation of Knowledge Graphs Using Multi-expression Learning

Kevin Dreßler, Mohamed Ahmed Sherif and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

Characterizing Vaccination Movements on YouTube in the United States and Brazil

Marcelo Sartori Locatelli, Josemar Caetano, Wagner Meira Jr. and Virgilio Almeida

Cross-Lingual Query-Based Summarization of Crisis-Related Social Media: An Abstractive Approach Using Transformers

Fedor Vitiugin and Carlos Castillo

Cross-platform Characterization of Sponsored Content in Social Media

Emanuelle Martins, Isadora Salles, Fabrício Benevenuto and Olga Goussevskaia

Data Bootstrapping Approaches to Improve Low Resource Abusive Language Detection for Indic Languages

Mithun Das, Somnath Banerjee and Animesh Mukherjee

Enabling Convenient Online Collaborative Writing for Low Vision Screen Magnifier Users

Hae-Na Lee, Yash Prakash, Mohan Sunkara, I.V. Ramakrishnan and Vikas Ashok

Exploring the Feasibility of Crowd-Powered Decomposition of Complex User Questions in Text-to-SQL Tasks

Sara Salimzadeh, Ujwal Gadiraju, Claudia Hauff and Arie van Deursen

Hypertext’s meta-history: Documenting Hypertext’s citations, authors and keyword data from 33 conferences

Mark Anderson and David Millard

Is There An Author In This Labyrinth? Hypertext Fiction and Farrell’s Textual Fallacy

Sam Brooker

Kronecker Decomposition for Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Caglar Demir, Julian Lienen and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

Learning to Adapt Domain Shifts of Moral Values via Instance Weighting

Xiaolei Huang, Alexandra Wormley and Adam Cohen

Links Of Darkness: Hypertext And Horror

Mark Bernstein and Stee McMorris

SpaceE: Knowledge Graph Embedding by Relational Linear Transformation in the Entity Space

Jinxing Yu, Yunfeng Cai, Mingming Sun and Ping Li

The Effect of Recommendation Source and Justification on Professional Development Recommendations for High School Teachers

Lijie Guo, Christopher Flathmann, Reza Anaraky, Nathan McNeese and Bart Knijnenburg

The effects of Spatial Visualization versus Ranked Lists on Quality, Time Efficiency, and Interaction

Daniel Roßner, Claus Atzenbeck and Tom Gross

The Impact of Non-Verbalization in Think-Aloud: Understanding Knowledge Gain Indicators Considering Think-Aloud Web Searches

Marcelo Tibau, Sean Wolfgand Matsui Siqueira and Bernardo Pereira Nunes

The Magic of Carousels: Comparing the Navigation Power of Multilists and Single Lists in a Recommendation Context

Behnam Rahdari, Branislav Kveton and Peter Brusilovsky

Towards Proactively Forecasting Sentence-Specific Information Popularity within Online News Documents

Sayar Ghosh Roy, Anshul Padhi, Risubh Jain, Manish Gupta and Vasudeva Varma