Accepted Late Breaking Results Papers

Reveal the Demographic Attributes of the Authors from the Abstracts of Scientific Articles

Salim Sazzed

Rites de Passage: Elucidating Displacement to Emplacement of Refugees on Twitter

Aparup Khatua and Wolfgang Nejdl

Impact of Exogenous Biases of Instagram Posts on Park Visitation Estimation

Afra Mashhadi, Sana Suse and Susan Ammiri

Exploring Semantically Interlaced Cultural Heritage Narratives

Noemi Mauro, Angelo Geninatti Cossatin, Ester Cravero, Liliana Ardissono, Guido Magnano and Marco Giardino

Identifying neutral review from unlabeled data: An exploratory study on user ratings and word-level polarity scores

Salim Sazzed

Erasing Labor with Labor: Dark Patterns and Lockstep Behaviors on Google Play

Ashwin Singh, A. Arvindh, Pulak Malhotra, Pooja Desur, Ayushi Jain, Duen Horng Chau and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

Understanding Effects of Moderation and Migration on online Video Sharing Platforms

Gabriel Luís Santos Freire, Tales Panoutsos, Lucas Perez Santos, Fabricio Benevenuto and Flavio Figueiredo