Douglas Engelbart Best Paper Award: Links Of Darkness: Hypertext And Horror, Mark Bernstein and Stee McMorris

Ted Nelson Newcomer Best Paper Award: Cross-Lingual Query-Based Summarization of Crisis-Related Social Media: An Abstractive Approach Using Transformers, Fedor Vitiugin and Carlos Castillo

Prizes for Blue Sky Ideas (sponsored by CCC):

  • First place: The Web At War: Hypertext, Social Media, and Totalitarianism, Mark Bernstein
  • Second place: From Users to (Sense)Makers: On the Pivotal Role of Stigmergic Social Annotation in the Quest for Collective Sensemaking, Ronen Tamari, Daniel Friedman, William Fischer, Lauren Hebert and Dafna Shahaf
  • Third place: Weaponising Social Media for Information Divide and Warfare, Ehsan Ul Haq, Gareth Tyson, Tristan Braud and Pan Hui